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Lavender Moon

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"My Orcas and SeaLife series are painted from beloved experiences boating on and living by our Island waters. Most experiences are unexpected surprising in the moment, timeless in quality, thrilling in memory. One whale encounter a few years ago while on our trawler DreamTime we slowed to a sloppy stop as two kayaker's approached with a swimmer between them. They were singing a song that felt ancient. Just behind them a small Orca Whale was following them on their watery course! As they neared I called to them, exclaiming a whale was following them. They stopped their song to respond saying they knew and they were singing the whale song. Later I learned this young indigenous women was swimming round our island to celebrate newly erected totem poles on their land on the southwest side of Salt Spring Island.

 Another amazing experience was with a wildlife friend in her small open skiff. We speeding through Samson Narrows in dazzling summer light.  I spy Orcas fast approaching us, they surface close, breaching and playful in the fast current and sparkly waters. We quickly stopped our motor, bobbing in the turbulent sea as a half dozen mighty whales charged past us scooping up their excitement in full purposeful swim to some destination beyond.

Our seas around Salt Spring Island are varied. The Narrows to the south west offer incredibly deep depths. So deep it’s a natural habitat for octopus, some the largest in the world. Rarely surfacing, it’s the octopus stories that gift us sight. However recently a large tentacle mass was found on a quiet shore near by, my active imagination conjures a painting or two."     Jill

Colourful and vibrant canvas limited editions are each signed and numbered by Artist Jill Louise Campbell.  The canvas artwork is crafted locally on Salt Spring Island using archival inks and advanced printing technology.  All prints are carefully top-coated for added UV protection, providing flexibility to hang in bright sun-filled spaces. 

The Small & Medium Limited Editions are stretched by hand onto Canadian-made wood stretcher bars, ready to hang and enjoy. 

Artist Jill Louise Campbell offers original enhancements to the Medium and Large sizes. Original enhancements add colour and texture, bringing out colours and adding the lovely true gold sparkle to the artists signature lining work.

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