Kind Words From Clients

My husband and I spent two summer vacations on Salt Spring Island around 15 years ago. We wanted a large bright picture for our living room that would have some meaning to use.  We remembered how much we enjoyed our time on Salt Spring and how we loved the work we saw in your gallery.  We look forward to seeing your picture every day and it will inspire us to go back.
Signed E
I’m so grateful to be able to enjoy it each day. Thank you also for the lovely note cards and calendar. Best wishes!
Signed K
Yes, please!
I fell in love with Graceful Service over a decade ago.
I always wanted the largest one, but sadly, not yet. However, I have both framed on my walls and grandma likes them so much, I have ordered the same for her!
Signed R
My hubby and I stayed in Salt Spring in 1999 and enjoyed your Art Gallery so much.
Signed K
Thank you, Jill. We are longtime SSI fans. I was reminded of your work when I was reminiscing over a Mistaken Identity wine bottle on which you painted the label. I think we have foolishly walked by your gallery many, many times! 
We’ll be back one way or another!J and M
Thank you for the outstanding customer service. I would be more than happy to purchase a frame. I believe the white painted wood would be great. Many thanks B
I received my painting and I love it, Thank you. JP
My order of four of your colourfully-beautiful 2023 calendars has arrived!
All perfectly secured with strong sticky tape, in the flat cardboard box!
They shall be Christmas gifts to four of my special people. Many thanks! E
A friend and colleague of mine returned from a summer visit to Salt Spring speaking of your work, Conques.  I had made a mental note of this at the time and thought it would be a nice retirement gift for him.  His retirement will happen in the next few months so I thought I should check in with you on a few questions before organizing a purchase/shipping. Many thanks MB
Hello Jill
I loved looking at some of your recent works and your roosters spoke to me as well as many more but wondered if there is any chance that there will be some more prints available of the roosters in the future.  Look forward to hearing from you.  By the way, I already have five of your prints and enjoy them so much.  So glad I walked into your studio one day a couple of years ago and was introduced to your work and became an instant fan.  In May of this year I visited the store and was so happy to meet you.  Love your work!
My husband and I visited your lovely gallery many many years ago and acquired 4 beautiful prints.   They have graced our walls for many years and we have received so many compliments on them. LD
Just want to let you know my painting arrived!  I quickly unpacked it and hung in the desk nook as planned.  Thank you again for supplying such a beautiful remembrance of a terrific vacation-so glad  the Millers mentioned your gallery.
Thank you for your lovely email, Jill. (The client purchased a large LE Contentment)
I am struck by the name of this painting…it will bring such contentment and joy to my little space and will join several other pieces of yours I enjoy every day. 
Best wishes! 
Hello there from Calgary,
It was such a treat to visit your gallery while I was on Salt Spring a little while ago. It is such a feel good place in which to immerse oneself. I’m so happy with the painting I chose. It was a tough choice but I had terrific guidance from a lovely woman who works there. Am only sorry I don’t recall her name. I received it yesterday and it now hangs in pride of place.
Kind regards
My mom, sister and I were in your beautiful gallery yesterday and I was so in love with your art I couldn’t decide which piece I loved most. I woke up this morning with huge regrets for not purchasing your work!!  
We are renting a house in Victoria. I assume you sell your work here?  Or should I order on your website and ship?  
Your work makes me happy!!!  
Signed S
Once we get settled in the new house I may come back for more.
Jill's art is fantastic. The colours and style add so much to a house.
Signed C
Hi ; I was so happy to purchase my print today !
It’s so beautiful & I know it will be in its perfect place .
I will send you a picture once it is hung .
Thank you again
Oh my goodness the bride to be mother, Aunts cousins absolutely loved the beautiful daisy waterfall painting.
Thank you So much for such a beautiful piece of art
Gift card enclosures and the gift card which we will be happily using this summer when we visit your art gallery 
Many thank you’s
Cheers TW🙋‍♀️💕☀️
We were excited to find your gallery a while ago and see that it was from the same artist as we appreciate and value others your work. We were just speaking about it with the gallery manager today as we hadn’t seen a signature, but I just noticed the signature in pen on the bottom left! Just sending a picture as we had spoken of doing so. To us it reminds us of French countryside, but perhaps you could share your thoughts?
Have a wonderful day!
How wonderful it is to hear the iteration of the ‘Wonder Yonder’ that was inspired in Tuscany region of Italy. We went there together in 2019 and the area holds such fond memories. As a dance artist myself I understand very deeply what you are saying about the documentary of heart touched human embellishments. Thank you so much for sharing.
S and D
I am such a fan of yours..your pieces are all over my little home in California! Every time we visit Salt Spring we visit your gallery of course!
I am interested in this one below..Healing Touch.. and wonder if the white frame around it is also available from you? If not, ok…
Thanks for letting me know!
Happy Mothers Day!
We love our Russell island framed print as my partner is fifth generation Maria Mahoi of Russell island , so it is a joy to have a piece of history adorning our walls...
Thanks so much Carmen.  I’ve just unwrapped them and we love them!!
 Looking forward to visiting the Gallery in person when we come over to Salt Spring on our boat for the May long weekend.  See you then.
 Happy Easter to you as well.
 R and S
This past week I’ve been wearing  the (Happy Dance) scarf you painted of the roses you now make as large painted scarves.  I’ve have had so many compliments about it.  It’s perfect for me! I wear it with my black coat & navy jacket it perks them up so much!
Greatly appreciated
Thank you
Dear Jill,
Thank you for sharing your gorgeous paintings of colourful flowers and scenery. Would love to visit SaltSpring Island again and visit your gallery again.
Absolutely thrilled with my painting and notecards which arrived safely today, in the blazing heat of   San Diego (95F).
Will send more and picture once it is hung-happy weekend,  M R
Thank you Jill. I love your art work.  J
I really appreciated you opening the gallery for us.
See you Wednesday
Many thanks P
Hello Jill and Duart,
Bought it!  Thank you! 
It will beautify my house as the 5th of your gorgeous paintings.
Cheers ...A
Hi Jill, I like the silver frame. Please add to my order.....I can arrange to meet you rather than coming here. I have 4 of your prints. I just did some Reno’s and proud to display your beautiful colourful art. Thanks for giving me pleasure in viewing every day!
Kind regards
I just purchased the lovely piece Water Chi. I am wondering if you could hold off on sending it to me as I must go out of province soon and worry about where it might end up as I live in a condo highrise with free access to the mail room as door is unlocked during covid!!!
I feel like a little kid on Christmas as I am so excited about acquiring this inspiring piece!!!
Hello, We just purchased Soul Assisi from your auction for delivery but wish to have it framed before it is shipped to us. We would like it framed with your Italian floater style frame with the thin outer edge finished in gold.
You can call us at....for details and payment.
R and S L
Hi Jill,
Got the piece and hung it up. Looks gorgeous! I’ll send you a picture when our living room is set up. We’re painting soon (took ages to choose a colour!) and getting some new furniture. Thanks for making it look so beautiful.
Hi Jill,
The painting arrived safely - my thanks to your lovely daughter Lauren.  It looks amazing, and I am very pleased with every aspect of the piece!
Thank you so much for the extra treats that you put inside the packing paper.  I will enjoy making use of the apron, calendar and art cards in the coming months.
It was wonderful working with you to help this painting find its way into my life.
Warm regards,