Artist Jill Louise Campbell


"Documenting a flow I feel through my dreams both lucid and nocturnal helps me to relate to and understand experiences I have. Interpreting my travels is also dreamlike as I re imagine place its texture, sound, fragrance and visual impressions. Sometimes I include borrowed bits of architecture, landscape, textile and pattern I have photographed. I use a combination of my resource material to create a visual impression of my experience. In this process I am reminded and shown a spontaneous wondrous world where time is collapsed to a single moment view. When finished my painting is a memory of events, experiences, thoughts that now have a visual substance. I also create my paintings to experience the play of patterns, colour combinations and texture for the shear joy of witnessing the resulting unfoldment."

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Jill Louise Campbell intuitively Interprets her world using paint, brush, canvas and paper. Dream, and music are the energetics that play with her musings. Jill’s paintings can depict a flavor of whimsical place as in her Salt Spring Island and West Coast Series and from her travels about the world painting France, Italy, Ireland, India, Tibet. An ironing board, kitchen table or studio by the sea, she is equally comfortable and surrenders to a flow she easily enters. Trained in Shamanism through The Institute of Shamanic Studies, Dream Work with Robert Moss and Sound Healing together with her deep interest in Buddhist studies in Dzochen training and practice she took Tibetan Buddhist Refuge in 1995. Jill’s Celtic lineage influences her storytelling through spontaneous journals of Meetings with her Irish Grandfather. 

Her early years in Montreal opened a world of culture. At 18 she moved to Europe working in Copenhagen for five months as a summer student, then enrolled in The Sorbonne, Paris for the school year studying European Civilization. She admits her real love came through exploring the Museums in Paris. A decade later her love for European culture motivated Jill and her husband Duart to take their young daughters to live for a year in France. They rented a centuries old house in  a small hamlet in Provence. Immersion in this rural life Jill painted her experiences.
A deep love for the natural world and slow pace motivated walking experiences along The Amalfi Coast in Italy and The Chemin St Jacques in Languedoc, France. Two collections of paintings documented these journeys. Jill travelled through China and Tibet a land she long dreamed of that resulted in her Tibet Painting and Photographic Collection. The opening at ArtSpring on Salt Spring Island with performance by Tensing Tsewang a Tibetan Throat Singer and musician. Fours years later a six week immersion in Rajasthan, India cumulated in The India Collection fully launching Jill as an international artist.
The Biennale Chianciano, Tuscany, Italy gave invitation to participate in 2009 and for two months Jill painted the Tuscan and rural Italian countryside.
‘Inspired Journeys’ Jill’s book documents her many travels with paintings and writings sharing her love for our world.
Arabella Magazine featured Jill’s paintings spread over 10 pages.  ‘For The Love of Flowers’ book also published  by Arabella Magazine featured Jill’s floral art. Feature in magazines, TV and radio Jill is often sought for interviews by visiting media to Salt Spring Island and counted on for art donations by worthy causes. She has painted CD and book covers and contributed her art for the $10 bill on innovative Salt Spring Island currency.
In 2008 Jill and Duart launched ‘Art Lovers Getaway’ a YouTube channel profiling all genres of artists on Salt Spring Island interviewing over 40 artists and artisans. 
living on Salt Spring Island since 1990. The Jill Louise Campbell Fine Art Gallery opened in 1992 located in Ganges by the boardwalk. Her private painting studio is nestled in a beachside community surrounded by her gardens, visiting deer and giant fir. 
Summers on Salt Spring Island the gallery is open daily, she is often in greeting visitors from around the world. Jill and her husband also cruise the southern gulf islands in their ‘Grand Banks’ exploring remote hideaways and kayaking hidden inlets. Winters are her painting retreat times. 
Jill’s interests include the esoteric; Qi Gong, Meditation, Shamanism, Resonance Healing, music, sacred sites, sacred geometry and ancient history, gardening.
Since the early 1990’s together with her husband they built their first home and renovated several old houses. She is equally comfortable painting walls and floors as she is on her paint on art paper, often transforming an old cottage and garden to a living work of art.