New Release : Russell Island & Mahoi House

The Gallery is delighted to present two new paintings by artist Jill Louise Campbell. Russell Island Homestead and Mahoi House are painted with acrylic on canvas, and beautifully capture the cottage and orchard and dreamy sky above.   Link : Artist Journal 
Russell Island has a wonderful history and is the most recent addition to the Gulf Islands National Marine Parks, protecting the history and opening the island for all to enjoy.  The artist connected with the Island when cruising the local waters in their Grand Banks, Dream Time, captured by the story of strength and resilience of Maria Mahoi, the charming cottage and orchard that still stands overlooking the clam garden, and view across the water to Salt Spring Island, and Fulford Harbour. The artist Jill Louise Campbell met family decedents through the gallery, and was honored to be asked to paint the island. 
Below is a more thorough history with further reading, complied by our gallery registrar Carmen Casanova.
Russell Island Homestead and Mahoi House are available reproduced as a Limited Editions in the Small, Medium and Large size, with the Medium and Large size offered with optional original hand enhancing by the artist. 
Russell Island Homestead : Charming bright creme colour cottage with it striking apple green door blend beautifully into the forest and orchard that surround. Smoky grey blue colours feel calm and warm.
Mahoi House : Magical dark sky with a sliver of a moon cast a warm light on the cottage and garden. Mossy green garden around the cottage is lit golden, love and light as it tilts gently from many happy years.  
Mahoi House and Russell Island Homestead are offered in the Art Print 11"x14" size framed in our gallery profile, and our New hand made gallery frame. This lovely new frame has just recently been released in the gallery this summer with great response, and we are delighted to offer this frame through the website starting with the new work.  Hand made by Duart Campbell, the frames are made with solid wood and finished with wax , giving them a time worn finish and durability not found with other frames.    
Detail of new frame hand finish. 
History compiled by gallery registrar Carmen Casanova 
Maria Mahoi was an interesting and powerful pioneer woman of Hawaiian and Indigenous descent who lived from the mid-1850s to 1936 with her family in Mahoi House on Russell Island (off Salt Spring Island) which is now part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.
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Russel Island Homestead and Mahoi House are shown in the gallery with the collection of Salt Spring Island artwork. 
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