Painting Russell Island

It was such a honor to paint this family homestead. Journey with me to Russell Island as I document the progression of my painting.

‘Russell Island Homestead’ and ‘Mahoi House’ two views of a beloved heritage home on tiny Russell Island, located at the mouth of Fulford Harbour by Salt Spring Island.

Painting Mahoi House in my studio.


Maria Mahoi of Hawaiian descent acquired the island, raised over a dozen children, farmed the wilds and sailed for her pleasure about the island. Legendary! Her relations over the years have come into the gallery asking if I would paint the old homestead. With abundant pleasure!




Painting Russell Island Homestead in my studio.

Over my boating years this was a favourite destination. Now a Provincial Park, only boat accessible without dock and so moorage is the only option. Once anchored, a row ashore one is transported to a century ago. A worn path twists about part of the island eventually finding its way to this tiny house. Overgrown orchards, yesteryear homestead are the treasure.

Thank you - Jill
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