Fall colours inspire the gallery window

The glorious colours of fall are warm and golden, this magical time of year has inspired many of artist Jill Louise Campbell's paintings. Artwork painted from her travels to France and Italy, and scenes from Salt Spring Island and Jill's artist garden all share the golden light that bring warmth into our homes.
Recently Jill brought this fall colour to the gallery window, with drying sunflowers and leafs from her artist garden. Local pumpkins wild arbutus berries, red hawthorn berries and lovely mossy logs, create an earthy fall surrounding to the painting Grapes on The Vine. 
The gallery display features many paintings inspired by the lovely fall golden light, with scenes from the artists travels to France and Italy, and local scenes from Salt Spring Island. 
Shown here on the left is Olive and Stone, Medium size canvas limited edition. To the right is hanging a selection of small framed art prints from France and Italy. The lovely dark wood frames are new to the gallery this summer, hand made by Duart and finished by the artist. We will be adding these one of a kind frames to the website soon. Browse the collection of small art prints on our website : Link.
Guardians grace the corner of the gallery, this is a lovely three part triptych canvas reproduction inspired by a trip to France. Link to the all triptych canvas artwork.   
Deep in Thought : There are many wonderful scenes that capture the lovely glow of fall. Browse our Fall Collection on the website. 
We are delighted to share this website with you as a virtual gallery, most of the artwork displayed in the gallery is available to purchase through the website. All orders are handled with personal attention and care.
Fall is a lovely time to visit the Island, the pace is quiet a islanders settle in for the winter.  The Gallery hours are reduced this time of year, however please contact us if you are planning a special trip, we would be delighted to welcome you outside of the posted hours. 
Gallery Hours : Thursday, Friday, Saturday IIam - 4pm 
- Jill and Carmen 

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