"Murano Glass" Original Watercolour

Daffodils stuffed in a blown glass vase. Leaf stalks poking each way softened with vines trailing about but, my concentration is on a hand blown exquisite vessel. A flattened orb shape an embrace for flowers. The uneven thick glass with bubbles of primary colours tiny balls and circles each suspended. The glass is infused with gold, that when heated disperses and creates it’s free pattern.  I paint with squeezed tubes of jewel watercolour paint and envision the glass blower I witness in the centuries old work rooms of Signoretto Glass House in MuranoMurano Glass 2106
A darkened room a hushed awe, radiant flames from a nearby furnace, a wheeze of bellows and clang of iron pincers to steady the molten glass. An application of gold foil to the lava of glass and I am

mesmerized. Flames of gold run in dozens of directions. Globs solidify and gleam in its glass prison. Centuries of craftsman perfect their art, handed down father to son that hold a tradition. I cherish for my lifetime.

“Murano Glass” painted with sensory awareness and respect to an exquisite art form. I layer watercolour paint to thick Arches paper made in France, hot press 300lb. Emphasizing colour with acrylic, and then line edging in gold gouache. Splatters of gold foil glued to the paper, as randomly as the craftsman would apply to the molten vessel. I honour centuries of craft, and with love, I bring my vision to this painting…….. Jill

The Original watercolour painting “Murano Glass” has just been released for sale.
See the website for pricing of original and reproductions

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