God's Bidding

Doing God's Bidding

God’s Bidding

 “You are meant to be joyful and only embrace the truth of who you are……it is your Soul Quest, your essence.”

I had been anxious about a host of concerns. My Spirit Helpers often give parables of healing advice, they lead me on wonderous journeys.

A radiant being filled with grace called Mary answered my worries. “Just do Gods Bidding”.

Puzzled, what is God’s Bidding?  And what do I do with all of my worries?

A river manifested with boats floating downstream in a gentle flow to a soft glowing light.  A dock appeared as a boat pulled up empty.

“Take all your concerns, fill the boat then cast the boat out and allow the river to carry them. Your worries do not belong to you. They belong to God. The only thing rightfully yours is doing Gods Bidding. Your Souls Quest, that is all.”

I silently heave in all my concerns and watch as the gunwales sink to the water line. Then I cast the boat out to the brilliant light. Another boat appears this one too I fill to the brim. Throughout the night I would awaken to the soft words of Mary. “Just do Gods Bidding, the rest does not belong to you.”

The Beat of my Drum

The art of “Journey”  takes me to wondrous lands with spirit helpers each eager to teach and heal my intent. The drum is my tool. Resonant with monotonous beat in tune to a conscious level that for me opens the dream world. My Theta state is filled with visions, lively conversations and colour.

Blessed experiences often recounted in paintings fill my thoughts. I open to the mystery of who I am as my purpose calls me through the beat of my drum.

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