Video Sharing with Japanese students

An exciting viewing in my Art Gallery!
I am invited to showcase my paintings virtually to Japanese Students attending English class while in isolation at home in Japan. Aya Watanabe, ‘Interpreting’ is her profession, gives Japanese kids a window into life on our small island while English instruction is easily embedded. Aya’s request to have a field trip to my gallery resulted in active enthusiastic participation with over thirty children ages 6-15. Interactive they asked thoughtful questions while many showed me their art. It was thrilling to feel their concentration and lively excitement. This is a new world of community I am so very grateful to be participating in.
Posted here I include several paintings I told their stories many captured their attention but the paintings they related to most were the ones I had mermaids, fish, magic dreaming embedded in. ‘Water Chi’ and ‘Releasing Grace’.
Thank you Aya for your patient interpretation and making this virtual class a reality!
Clearly this affirms that community, world community is a most important ingredient that we need to take forward as we re-imagine our world. J