New Rose Paintings for Spring

Sometimes we just can't wait to share with you new paintings and collections to the gallery. Artist Jill Louise Campbell has been inspired with roses and blooming colour lately, and the new paintings have quickly become favorites as we crave the hot pink colours.


Alfresco : A scene set with flowers, open window and roses of pink against a wash of turquoise blue. This painting looks fantastic as a large triptych, we will have one displayed in the gallery soon. 










Alfresco : Limited Edition Canvas




Alfresco : Triptych Canvas   




Fullness of Rose & Sunburst are a lovely rosy pair, and would look especially lovely and full with original enhancing added by the artist. 







 Fullness of Rose : Limited Edition Canvas






  Sunburst : Limited Edition Canvas



Roses upon blooming roses, this lovely new narrow format painting called Happy Dance is sure to delight no matter what way you hang it!






  Happy Dance : Limited Edition Canvas



Joyful is lovely and soft, with misty grey and soft pinks

 Joyful : Limited Edition Canvas



The gallery window is bursting with roses to celebrate, we hope you can visit us on Salt Spring 


Gallery Open : Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:30 - 5pm