Celebrating St Patrick’s Day with a look at the Irish collection.

Celebrating St Patrick’s day by sharing on our Gallery News, a feature of Jill Louise Campbell’s paintings from Ireland.   Jill has painted such magical detail, and lovely colours. The paintings transform you to Ireland. 

This is a detail of Celtic Crofts, and link to Limited Edition Canvas.



Celtic Forest is a magical scene of a little Irish cottage, protected by grasses and hanging fuchsia.   The colours are lovely smoky greys and soft purple, greens and lovely gold outline. This is a detail of Celtic Forest with the original enhancing, gold lining and details. 

View video of artist Jill Louise Campbell on the topic of Celtic Forest 



Celtic Forest is shown with the shawl, featuring the painting.

We have a special one of a kind original hand painted canvas Limited Edition, Medium 24”x36” Celtic Forest in the gallery. This painting has been extensively hand painted by the artist, and the gold lining is especially gorgeous.  Link to Celtic Forest This is the painting featured in the video link above.  

Here is a collection of some of the other lovely Irish cottages and rolling green hills. 

Small art prints are 11”x14” size. Reproduced  on artists canvas, and mounted on acid free art board. Framed with a wood frame, mixed gold face and black sides. Canadian supplier. 

View the collection of Small Art Prints. Available framed or not. Filter to view by collection, Ireland. On-line shopping any time, we ship every couple of days from Salt Spring Island. 


The on-line gallery offers a full collection of Jills paintings from Ireland, as lovely large Limited Edition, Canvas Giclee. Each painting is made by hand, with your personal specifications. We offer up to 4 sizes of paintings, with Original Embellishments available on some sizes. This approach lets you perfectly fit the painting to your space.  All options available, are offered through our on-line shop.  
View the full collection of paintings from Ireland

Artwork is made to order on Salt Spring Island, shipped usually within the week, to anywhere in North America. Shipping to Europe is approx a month, it seems. 



Artist Jill Louise Campbell has a lovely shawl featuring the painting Celtic Forest. The Gallery has 8 in-stock ready to ship within 2 days. 

Link to the Celtic Forest Shawl 

lovely large size, Made in Canada. Designed by artist Jill Louise Campbell. 


We hope you have enjoyed the collection of Jill Louise Campbell Irish Collection. Message us if you have any question about the many painting we offer on the website. 

Parting word from artist Jill Louise Campbell on this St Patrick’s Day. 

 “Bring joy to life,  be well.”