Carmen is Back in the Gallery

Spring in the air! Welcome back Carmen!
Carmen Casanova our Gallery Registrar returns to the gallery March 9! Officially Three days a week our Gallery will be open noon to 5
Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Carmen is proficient in answering all your questions. Her forte is as a master of story! offering her captivating embellishments about Jill and Lauren’s art. Carmen’s helpful suggestions can give answers to your art needs.
Carmen began working in the gallery almost ten years ago! Part time to full time during our busy summer months, her helpful expertise is welcomed by hundreds of clients for almost a decade! Carmen has a Fine Art Degree from University of Victoria. Acting is her first love. With many leading and supporting roles in film as well ‘stage’ in The UK. Carmen's kind and genuine warmth, is unpretentious, welcoming. The world of art is for everyone. The perfect painting is totally in ‘the eye of the beholder’. We know your gallery experience will be rewarding!