And So My Garden Grows

As Mothers Day approaches I am reminded of a painting I created with my Mother in thought. My mother was an avid gardener. I fondly remember Mom joyfully picking wildflowers one very warm Spring.  The glee she emanated was so palpable that to this day I smile in recollection. Today I often garden with my daughter Lauren. Each of our gardens side by side are as different and yet similar values as my mothers. I believe our energy vibes are shared with each other, like treasured jewels we continue to pass along these good feelings.
Enjoy this sneak peek of a tiny new original series called "Good Vibes"

‘Wildflower Simplicity’ although painted a few years ago I am thrilled to be featuring it again, now on fine art canvas,   It’s new translation is more powerful especially when I give it original enhancing.

In the spirit of Mothers Day I introduce a beautiful study series I call "Rose Bud and Daisy's"  mini paintings that again take me back to my love of gardens and flowers.

‘And So My Garden Grows’ This Spring, although slow to warm, is gifting my return to hands and knees in my garden in delight of unfolding colour, as in slow motion the usual crescendo of burgeoning blossoms takes on deeper appreciation for each slow emergence.



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