Into the Woods

Into the Woods

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I feel at home in the woods as trees are friends as long as I can remember. As a very young child whenever sick or sad I imagined myself curled round a tree, feeling its comfort unconditional. I used to believe if I even come back to this world I would be a tree in a woods wild and free.

In the woods a portal can open, reality shifts an experience I viscerally felt while in the forest in Brittany walking the path of Merlin. Broceliande Forest – Merlin’s Tomb – Destination Broceliande in Brittany

Cilla Jane… musical artist performs this song that inspired my painting.

“I went into the woods today to see what I could find
I saw an owl and he told me that he was wise
I went into the woods today to see what I could find
I saw a fox and he told to me run away and hide
He said take your chances, run and hide [x2]
I went into the woods today to see what I could see
I saw a deer and she told me that she was free” Cilla Jane


Colourful and vibrant canvas limited editions are each signed and numbered by Artist Jill Louise Campbell.  The canvas giclee artwork is produced locally on Salt Spring Island using archival inks and advanced printing technology.  All prints are carefully top-coated for added UV protection, providing flexibility to hang in bright sun-filled spaces. 

The Small & Medium Limited Editions are stretched by hand onto Canadian-made wood stretcher bars, ready to hang and enjoy. The Large size is normally shipped rolled due to its size.

Artist Jill Louise Campbell offers original enhancements to the Medium and Large sizes. Original enhancements add colour and texture, bringing out colours and adding the lovely true gold sparkle to the artists signature lining work.

Framing is often available   click here