Hummingbird Joy

Hummingbird Joy

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‘Hummingbird Joy’, 
A merging into pattern and colour.
Plunging into colour, I as a Humming Bird thrill with delightful savouring for pure blossom hues as they shimmer their unique pattern, a geometry so harmonious that I can hardly wait to thirst up each delicate petal, bud, and delicious array of bursting vibrant flower. I imagine myself as this delicate warrior, keenly magnetized in an eternal force, drawing me to drink in with deep purpose. Clear as shimmering light I see sacred patterns guide to the fruiting source of my soul call. Organized, chaotic, joyful, unified. Every pattern in my own being resonates with the exotic feast unfolding about me.         Jill

Colourful and vibrant canvas limited editions are each signed and numbered by Artist Jill Louise Campbell.  The canvas artwork is crafted locally on Salt Spring Island using archival inks and advanced printing technology.  All prints are carefully top-coated for added UV protection, providing flexibility to hang in bright sun-filled spaces.

The Small & Medium Limited Editions are stretched by hand onto Canadian-made wood stretcher bars, ready to hang and enjoy. 

Artist Jill Louise Campbell offers original enhancements to the Medium and Large sizes. Original enhancements add colour and texture, bringing out colours and adding the lovely true gold sparkle to the artists signature lining work.

Framing is available   click here