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Aero Mexico

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Fly me away to a tropical land…

"Fanciful birds beckon me into a colourful crafted culture and like many of my paintings I delight in the play of light on edifice walls imagining which dwelling I reside in for a month or two each winter. I have parameters, neat as a pin, authentically Mexican, surrounded in lush, cultural vibe. I love indigenous, original craft, fanciful folk art. Mexican life seems an art form, a weaving of native colourful designs on tiles, bead work, embroidery, jewellery, ceramics. Together with lively music, spicy food and the most pleasing boldly painted walls inside and out. Add colonial architecture in towns like San Miguel Allende, Mexico City, the two I have visited, I am in love with the mix of original Mexican Art and religious iconography built by Spanish Colonials. Cobble streets, surprising courtyards, delightful friendly people all this and more, as my love of history appreciates the ancient ruins of Teotihauchan, City of The Gods an ancient pyramid complex outside of Mexico City."


Colourful and vibrant canvas limited editions are each signed and numbered by Artist Jill Louise Campbell.  The canvas artwork is produced locally on Salt Spring Island using archival inks and advanced printing technology.  All prints are carefully top-coated for added UV protection, providing flexibility to hang in bright sun-filled spaces.

The Small & Medium Limited Editions are stretched by hand onto Canadian-made wood stretcher bars, ready to hang and enjoy. 

Artist Jill Louise Campbell offers original enhancements to the Small and Medium sizes. Original enhancements add colour and texture, bringing out colours and adding the lovely true gold sparkle to the artists signature lining work.

 Framing is available to purchase click here