New Art Scarves

Presenting our new selection of large scarfs. Wrap yourself in colour, and dreamy paintings of artist Jill Louise Campbell.

Explore the design detail with boarders that add to the story of each scarf. Colours of rosie pinks and purples with Embracing Joy. Bright reds and hot pinks are balanced with a earthy umber.  Scarfs present the artwork in a different view, focusing on the incredible blending of strong colours artist Jill Louise Campbell is known for. 

Scarfs are lovely and large, soft medium weight semi sheer fabric, softer colour on one side. Made in Montreal, Canada. 

A selection of scarfs are carried in the gallery on Salt Spring Island, and all styles are always available through the website, and shipped directly to you directly from Montreal.  

Village View scarf design    50" X 50"     order on line