Video journal new beginnings

I launched a video blog of my artist life on YouTube. As I am learning the art of virtual conversation I include here unedited thoughts that are particularly timely over our self imposed isolation time.
Each video represents moments in time where I share my heart story finding a voice that is as clear and truthful in these moments as I allow in the arising expression.
Enjoy these unedited musings. Link
As time goes by my intention is to also share Imaginal Stories I live through while in a Shamanic trance. Over 10 years I have journaled many strange experiences  that in my rereading I see a teaching that could offer solace to another. Characters I interact with are all benevolent, some even holy, some ancestral. Many appear over and over giving experiences beyond any imagination I could muster in real time. As my confidence grows while solo in front of my video camera in the privacy of my studio I know this authentic voice will emerge as promptings from other worlds remind me to stay the course and share my heart.

Ng Nce

Illuminate Resonate Embrace

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