Valentine thoughts 2019

This winter, as I happily play in my studio, energy flows in - dancing, romancing surrender. I am drawn to lovely soft rose hues, graduated mauves, and deep crimson, all encased in sage, grey and moody blue. Every shade of white is swirling like a dream unfolding. Is this the energies of love manifest? I am reminded of a dream.
Deep resonant beat, a vibration I feel in my pillow that then echoes down my body. I awake to a remembered place of lovely soft rose hues and its graduated colours surrounding me. My first thought is, I am feeling ‘The Heart Beat Of The World’!
My Protection Spirit Collection embodies this same deep energy as each painting emerged following a similar dream experience. Each was a confirmation of encircled love, a protection of colour, light resonant in a metaphorical story that individually says "I love you. I am always here for you."

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