Roses Blooming Today


Roses Blooming
I am caught in the presence of nature, enchanted with each flowering. My climbing red rose meanders across our weathered wall giving life fragrance, joy to all who walk past. Deepening into this Rose, it’s old world crimson has a visceral vibration.

My paint palette now juicy with newly squeezed pigment beckons me to swirl my brush and dance deeper with my canvas capturing the moment.
I feel invisible forces lift my spirit as my heart, it’s guiding wisdom gifts self empowerment a knowing this is my place of joy.

The old cottage home I live in near the sea has perfect combination of wind, salt, sun and love. Graced with many roses in my surrounding each has perfection, yet different. A towering apricot billows above a wood trellised gate. A sweet heart floribunda pink cascades over our bedroom balcony. I pick a few for the dining table, hardly able to part with them and so as they fade I dry and string in garlands. This Spring roses are embedded somewhere in each of my paintings. Original work inspired from Fall and Winter travels in France The Rose surfaces lending support, context to each story.


Alchemical Rose properties is the aid I use in my meditations. The energy of The Rose used since The Essenes andTemplar times is a gift to assist in our rise of consciousness. A simple tool for clearing, uplifting is my daily ritual.
A painting image, a dried potpourri, or fresh flowers from a garden, The Rose is love powerful and healing.


My art catalogues below is a link, features most of my paintings that roses with their healing love energy embrued.

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