Peace Walk

Spring approaches. Our west coastal land is verdant in wet greens saturated from our winter rains. Buds on my early flowering lilac trees, feed hope to their coming mauve purple blooms. Snowdrops carpet spots about my garden. Daffodil greens inch into the few hours of warming sun.. Layers of peaceful joy are resonant as I embrace the deep peace  while quiet in my garden or on forest walks.
This season I commune in the healing elixir of nature.
Intuitively I know my very survival, creative expression, health and peace of mind is nature’s abundant gift.
Peace is its core and this is what it looks and feels like.
Peace is in colours, shades pinks of blues, purples to deepest greens. Peace has a soft sensual swirling movement with colour. Peace has pleasing chorus hum. It’s taste is sweet, subtle delicious. Simultaneously the visual is a dance. The nuances soft, organized, choreographed play, a partnership with brilliant dancing energy. So lost in the joy of this visual play awake or dreaming, does it matter. Layers of peaceful joy can be felt while walking or sitting alone in nature. It arises listening to the wind in trees, the call of a raven, the groan of branches rubbing against each other. 
By the seashore. Mesmerizing, water lapping at waters edge becomes a portal for similar joyful peaceful reverie. Glistening shimmering light playing on sand, rocks, wavelets. Resonant reflected light dance below and back, it has hypnotic beauty, brilliant lit colour and rhythm, dynamic. Time stands still.
Illuminate  resonate  embrace

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