New Paintings Released Summer 2020

It is always exciting to release my newest paintings. This summer some new paintings are inspired from my recent travels about France from September to December 2019 are featured. Click to view my 2019 France Travel Writings.
‘The Nut Farm House’ and ‘Nut Farm Views’ depict the countryside in Le Lot region of France. For a month we rented our favourite 15th century cottage in the tiny village ‘Rignac’ deep in the farming heart of this area. Our favourite times were spent exploring less than 100 kilometres in every direction. One area fascinated me, the walnut farms! Patches of cultivated gnarled trees carefully farmed, each tree groomed to perfection. The family homes within view were centuries old attesting to tradition handed down. The steep pitched roofs of slate often swale under the weight. Wild forest skirt farm edges meeting the manicured land. There is a beauty in this man made attention.
‘Standing Stones’ at Carnac in Brittany an area of France a I had longed to visit. It was awe inspiring. Thousands of stones stand sentry in farm fields and  hidden in forests. Groups of standing are stones grouped in pockets about the region as well their reason for being is still a mystery. My fascination with stones began over 50 years ago when I first visited Stonehenge in England. Repeated visits over the decades seem to call, but it was the stones at Carnac who’s mystery is more intriguing. See all Jill's writings while in France.
‘Field of Roses’, old French architecture intrigue me. Our three months this time in France was concentrated in The Lot and Languedoc area of southwest France. We visited many remote villages up into the foothills of the Pyrenees. History of this area is of The Cathars. The Knights of Templar figured prominently in their story. The rose a symbol of The Knights is of course grown outside many old homes. Link to blog
‘Village in an Island’. A community is many things. Family, neighbourhood, village or in my case island! During the world lockdown March, April and May my creative time was heightened. This painting manifested! Arising beliefs in positive values of a supportive community were a huge reality for me. While travel stopped, shops closed, isolation became the norm as we each wanted to comply and stop the spread of this deadly virus. Over Easter, Salt Spring Island usually packed with visitors was eerily quiet. I tied a basket to our locked gallery door with free tiny art print handouts. Enclosed in each was my story of heartfelt gratitude for community. See link I want to celebrate what it is to be human

New Salt Spring Paintings

‘Russell Island Homestead’ and ‘Mahoi House’ two views of a beloved heritage home on tiny Russell Island, located at the mouth of Fulford Harbour by Salt Spring Island. Over my boating years this was a favourite destination. Now a Provincial Park, only boat accessible without dock and so moorage is the only option. Once anchored, a row ashore one is transported to a century ago. A worn path twists about part of the island eventually finding its way to this tiny house. Overgrown orchards, yesteryear homestead are the treasure. Maria Mahoi of Hawaiian descent acquired the island, raised over a dozen children, farmed the wilds and sailed for her pleasure about the island. Legendary! Her relations over the years have come into the gallery asking if I would paint the old homestead. With abundant pleasure!

Allende Views’, although painted in early 2019 this painting of views to the town of San Miguel Allende from The Institute Allende is dear to my heart. For two weeks I walked this charming colonial village. Hundreds of photos this my painting gives back my gratitude of experience.


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