Valentines Day upon us, I naturally surround myself....

Valentines Day upon us, I naturally surround myself with colour, cozy blankets, music, and interesting documentaries.  While in my studio, thoughts of painting flowers, garden scenes dance in my head while my artist garden is cloaked in soft misting rain, mud and bare branches.  My warming wood stove crackles while a new CD, ‘The Luckiest Star’ by Daryl Chonka sings ‘Wake Up”, it is all so appropriate.
Perhaps I too am asleep in this winter fog. Perhaps the call to paint garden flowers is a grace that dreaming gifts. Just perhaps this reality is blending to what ever dream life we want.
Can we create the reality we want. Are we living in a universe where multiple outcomes and realities are possible. Can we choose which we want to live in, can we change our views with our own will.
This January I immersed in a 21days ‘Manifesting Abundance’ course by Zehra Mahoon. Everything she expressed I recognized as being so. Clouded perceptions cleared as she expressed views that resonate.
I know this is so! I also know we magnetically attract from the field we are resonating in. I notice the more clearly consistent I am in my thinking, together with surrounding myself with images, people, experiences that resonate with my clear intention, surrendering into the divine flow without worry, then, magically I realize, what I am looking for, seeks me.
This magnetic attraction seems to manifest easily with consistent deliberate attention in the feeling field I am playing in.
But! distracted it alludes me!
And so...
I have found it helps when I set up my world about me with supports that feel good, joyful and in tune with my desired outcome. This morning I played my favourite Chopin music, volume turned up I set about cleaning the kitchen, straightening up the living room, making beds, kitty litter, vacuuming. With fresh flowers I arrange in a perfect vase by paintings, candles, crystals, it pleases me! I thrive in surroundings that feel in harmony, colours that balance and are warm.
This winter my home is acknowledged, loved and cradled in colour all to please my spirit.
Painting a world I want to see is as important as the world I do see. I know the blending of dream to reality is manifesting. Today I spied tiny buds on my lilacs and green shoots peeking from the Lupin bed.

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