I want to celebrate what it is to be human. I want something to believe in.

I write this while in self quarantine. It’s a view on my life over these past weeks.

My escapist self heads to my garden as sun warms and encourages new growth. The daffodils are blooming, and I work to prepare the garden for the new vegetable starts. 

On rainy days hundreds of projects around and inside our old seaside cottage keep me mightily distracted. My living room wall with the help of my sister in law we paint a deep coco, a perfect match for the weathered wood mantle and faux hand painted tiles.

The kitchen my next target get layers of stressed old ochre on each upper cabinet then several layers of wax buffed to a warm glow. The lower cabinets I paint graphite and wax.
‘Enough’ I say, time to get really creative, off I trot as fast as I could make it to my gorgeous studio building (a converted two car garage) to the tune of a husband sighing/singing relief. He gladly set the fire warming in the woodstove this morning.
Coffee in hand I am soooo glad and soon lost for days at a time deep in my paint, happily layering, dabbing, scraping, imagining and reworking.
I love to explore my inner world of visions, co create with the energy it evokes.  

I merge with my recent travels to France through my thousands of photos and past twenty plus times of traveling through and living awhile in one of my favourite cultures. Most of all delighting in every second, I think I am born to hold a paint brush! I used to see myself as an orchestra conductor, yes that is what I am! waving my arm about with favourite music blasting a symphony, form takes shape. I do not breathe, well maybe a little, enough to rotate and view my play upside down, whirl it back right side up and then paint more, add more value, and hum quite loudly with the music.
Oh I am so happy. And then I begin another, like the other, just because I needed to get in more of what was needed before.
(Pre quarantine days would be something like this too). That is until we had an obligation like a visitor. Of course when the visitor came it was no longer an obligation (after I had cleaned the house!) but a joy and once again I was happy. Making meals, sharing in the conversation, offering and suggesting outings. By the time our visitor leaves it’s just about perfect timing as now I feel the urge to explore new paint places and colours.

Into the gallery I go.
Two weeks ago I set up my paints to transform all the walls in my little shop in Ganges.

Paper up the windows and remove all the paintings I fill the holes, sand and begin. OMG I did it!
I paint out all that gorgeous colour I thrilled about last year. Gone is the sensational Monet Blue feature wall, gone is the soft aqua nestegg colour I adored, gone is the cement grey I had grown to despise.
Neutral, that is my mantra, my goal. New black Graphite features make my vibrant paintings pop! Warm old white replaces that shabby grey. Rearrange design, play, this is my fun, all with a paint brush in hand, all the walls are hand brushed. Satisfied, happy yes. I am just about ready inside the gallery to welcome the first Spring visitors to the gallery.
Corina Virus, quarantine, no visitors, sad, a little fear arises. Swiftly however, my response replaces these thoughts, I busily research immunity herbs, vitamins and healthy lifestyle. I am so glad Duart and I adopted a no sugar healthy diet almost four years ago. We had given up all deserts, bread, wine, dairy and now eat 2/3 vegetable and quality protein at every meal. We both lost a lot of weight and feel a renewed energy, younger, fabulous. But with heightened caution we add dishes of vitamins. Our biggest anchor is our daily meditation. Every night at 8pm we sit and with many others virtually for 20-30 min all with common intention. We send world peace, love, gratitude, calm, to all beings. It is the most amazing experience a deepening in common intention I feel it amplifies our experience. It is the most calming loving energy that arises. We are all invited to join in! Consistency is key.
Qi Gong is another practice I have. Each morning I have a routine that takes about 12 minutes. I feel it helps my flexibility, at almost 69 I want to maintain what I do have for as long as I can. We live on a moderate steep hill. I have stairs to laundry and garden. I plan to live in our home, garden, paint and walk for many years with ease.
Our world since returning from France in December is unreal.
I am used to unreal through my imaginary world which my whole life I easily access. Now obviously this unreal world is quite different more real/unreal, particularly as everyone is now feeling this unreal feeling. I can't help but wonder (and dream) what would it be like if everyone went into dream state as easily as I do and what would happen if we all go into intentional dream together and co-dream a new upgraded reality. Oh oh, I can hear my father saying Jill take off your rose coloured glasses, get real.
Or, should we all do a little more dreaming. We could call it meditating or praying.
Proactive, self isolation, self remedy with immune enhanced life style, stay in touch with family and friends, offer much needed solace and take time, a lot of time and dream.
Dream like a beautiful life depends on it.
Warmest wishes for a healthy, happy peaceful, courageous life.
You are so important, so loved,


  • Hi Linda,
    Thankyou for your thoughtful words. Yes the idea of sitting with clear intention at the same everyday, knowing others too are also sitting in like minds in their homes, is so powerful. Energetically in the act of meditation we have noticed incredible deepening immediately. It is a rollercoaster time routine seems to help make me feel grounded.
    Warmest wishes Jill

  • What a very lovely message, Jill..something I will remember! I like your idea of intention,even having a time of the day when people are in tune.
    As well as your lovely words, I am one of your biggest art fans! Today I am going to put up one of my favourite paintings of yours, where I can see it more often…I am inspired !
    Thank you…your spaces look lovely! I’m looking forward to when we can come to Saltspring and visit the gallery in person..
    Gratitude…… Linda

    Linda Milne

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