Feng Shui

I am fascinated with,
Feng Shui, the art of making whole, harmonious, pleasing, life enhancing. This is pure alignment with abundant loving energy its resonance and frequency.
Each year I awaken again to the opportunity of deepening into the beauty life. I know The Art of living in Beauty is a spirit life. Art is finesse, a peeling away to find the essence of what is meaningful. Feng Shui a thousand year old practise, guides the practitioner towards a beautiful life.
Many courses and mentors to learn this ancient practice are available including www.mariediamond.com
I recently came across this easy course from
"Om'  https://www.dailyom.com/courses/feng-shui-for-beginners/

I am learning a few skills I believe can be life changing to augment my view, my world.
According to Feng Shui our  
home has portals, cardinal directions of enhanced energy. When we align with these areas using colour, shape, harmony of intention, it activates the perfect beauty purpose you wish. For example, The top left corner of a room is the creative wealth abundance area.
Originally enhanced art that carry the energy of wealth, creativity, vitality, purpose gives added energy to manifest our desire. For me Originally Enhanced Art with Flowers or pleasing Landscapes can open doors to this flowing wealth of a spiritually aligned abundantly creative life.
Colour has resonance. Purple, warming pinks, oranges lift my spirits. I place crystals close by knowing their frequency amplifies the intention I give.
A home life filled with heart centred intention gives me abundant vitality.
Each day is an adventure in discovering tools to awareness of what, how, why this one life is precious.  
With each aware moment I know we together can create a beautiful world, harmonious, while enhancing our life it in turn enhances others.
A ripple effect is felt around the world with each intentional vibration.

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