Enhancing Legacy and Ghost Moon

Enhancing Legacy and Ghost Moon : As an artist I enjoy revisiting my paintings and adding original elements, playing with colour and enhancing the gold lining. 

Today I am enhancing a lovely large 3 part triptych canvas of Legacy for a customer, and also a gorgeous Large size Ghost Moon. Its fun to spend time on both of these canvas with similar green, blues, glowing moons and dreamy dark skies. 



Ghost Moon is calling us with its lovely full moon glow. We have been enjoying such amazing events with the moon lately. The Wolf Moon in January was the first full moon of the new year, and spectacularly included an eclipse. In February we will have the Snow Moon, as is called for the snowiest month of the year.

This canvas of Ghost Moon is a dream to enhance, blues and forest shades of green, bright moon and the gold lining sparkles.

The lovely glow of the moon is enhanced with original, bringing to life the bright glow. And I have enhanced the gold lining that defines the trees and islands.

The original enhancing is available on all my Limited Edition Canvas Artwork Reproductions. It is a joy to play with them again and add an original touch.



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