Bringing in The Light

Welcome back to my meanderings…..
Heartfelt blessings for creative transformational new beginnings in 2013.Delight

tamarDaisyThe first sunrise of the new year I witnessed the soft northern palette of dawn light shine down the Ganges Harbour. The stillness swallowed my thoughts of naming or even speaking, that is… until my beautiful friend Tamar and Miss Daisy burst out of her home with an electric energy that incredibly recharged when she too viewed the coming day. Armed with camera to record the annual event, my meditation transformed into glee in resonance with her boundless joy. She, a legendary Salt Spring photographer, has sometimes been a companion to witness natural events. Her enthusiastic vision together with an unabiding love of nature translates to incredible photographs. Her stories of the swift of wing and pods of killer whales or snorting sea lions are captured with her keen eye. See

In viewing the last Full Moon of the Water Dragon, I realize my fascination in watching the moon. Enjoy this BBC Video called “Do we really need the Moon”


A Fairy Door made by Roger Brunt and painted by Jill

The moon for me draws out a hidden happiness of mystery, an opening to another realm.

Just before Christmas I was honoured to host a book launch for Roger Brunt his captivating storybook “How Erskine the Elf came to Salt Spring Island” brings to life the “little kingdom” its doors that by chance one could spot while hiking in wild spots on Salt Spring Island. Doodling and imagining, I painted some of these doors Roger provided.

The FairyTree painting happened as I answered to the rising bubble of another view of a possible world.

The Fairy Tree by Jill

The Fairy Tree by Jill

The Year of the Water Snake 2013
Transformation is indeed in the ether. Shedding old skin a positive karmic sign heralds a new beginning from stagnation and depression. Whether from the anticipation of Dec 21, 2012 and The End of The Painting by JillMayan Calendar or a natural conclusion to projects or old outdated beliefs, these past months have been monumentally transforming for so many I know. The winter is a time for learning, reading, quiet reflection meditating and nurturing. I have really taken solid time to explore and reflect on my path. I played the game “Transformation” a unique interactive game invented by the founders of Findhorn, a retreat and metaphysical centre on the east coast of Scotland.
TRANSFORMATION GAME my facilitator Bert Elliot  (  from Victoria had lived at Findhorn for more than 5 years. He was an early member of this community playing this game and facilitating in the UK, Europe and Canada. My good friend Kirsty, having played it twice before also supported me on my first experience. I highly recommend this game for those who feel the call to open to our shadow side.

This winter my wanderings will be again in the American South West. Painting retreat will begin on our return early April. I continue to take workshops and embrace Shamanic teachings, read and explore a spirit world that visually has become so real that I do believe the veil has thinned. I just read the book “Proof of Heaven” by Eben Alexander MD his experiences are a comfort and offer a profound gratefulness for our human existence.
Brother David Stendhal-Rast so beautifully expresses a grateful view of our world.


Painting "Cottage by the Sea" by Jill

Painting “Cottage by the Sea” by Jill

Warmest wishes to all of you, my favourite people. May your love and commitment to your life and the life of our precious earth multiply and know its full realization.
In love and spirit Jill

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