Fall connection with my artist garden

Inspirations for many of my paintings come from my artist garden.
Deeply I breath in the richness of this season. Fallen leaves, rotting garden plants ripen their scent, they create nourishing visions for paintings.
My artist garden, a play pen of wild colour, mixed vegetable, berry, flowers and herbs gloriously coexist in it’s deer and rabbit proof enclosure. Thick cedar raised boxes are a stuffed cacophony of growing plants joyfully interacting, overtaking and nurturing each other proving my belief in ‘allow the flow’ gardening.
Permaculture within boundaries, I daily witness bees, butterflies, dazzling sun, warming breeze as light plays in my garden. Reclaimed bricks I had laid becomes a conversational space in my artist garden sanctuary. Invites extended only to those who love plants, nature and elementals for private commune and blessing.
This is my sacred space. Truth is spoken here. My artist garden is a whole world in its own made up of the many species who reside within. Private spaces can be found in the wild. But this tamed created space I invited to become wild within its boundary each season. This late October I mulch in the deadening leaves and flowers, trowel in the dug up bulbs for Spring colour. My moments in this sanctuary is more fleeting, the fullness of moist Fall descended weeks ago.
My studio time is ripening now.
Photos of my artist garden, it’s memories influence my painting time. Earlier this month I had calked and painted my windows, organized my paints, cleaned the floor and filled my wood box with kindling. My studio is warming for deep introspection time, playful wonder time, losing myself time in my painterly timeless world.
From the warm comforts of my artist studio I view my artist garden, dreaming of our times to come.
My days are still appreciated outdoors. I love to walk the beach, a forest path and less travelled roadway. But it is the quiet of my artist garden that is my favourite.
On Instagram I photo document my daily world of Salt Spring Island, walks, home, garden, studio, painting and gallery.
- Jill

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