‘A Light In The Land’

The essence of light brings me joy
A Light In The Land inspired this painting. It is of a secret valley in the heart of Provence, France. We lived here with our family for a year cradled in centuries of farmed life. It’s living ancestors welcomed us our stay, I am forever grateful for these gifted life treasures its legacy I seek to express through my art of my life.
Sunlight pours over the land, igniting 
A feeling of belonging, longing comfort. Safe, warm, nurturing are lite in golden first rise or resonance during final moments before setting. Gateway times are treasures of lighted colour heightened in moments of peak saturation embracing a quiet glory as turning of time is assured.
Lingering Light synonymous for gateway, portal, opening, beginning, possibility. Each experience activates this feeling while on a treasure walk or quiet garden-sit bathed in last moments of quiet ecstasy. Shadows stretch, their subtle movement enunciate the language of joy. Life, desire, passion, mystery, wonder, wake in unison. A battle inside me arises to document or feast on its beauty. The sweetest moments is just breathing in deeply knowing any action will disturb this fleeting perfection.
This moment is where I find the art of my life
I am a head person active in swirling thoughts. I am aware this mind chatter is balanced by quiet moments spent in nature warmed in its embrace.
Wisdom gleaned in light filled stillness is foundational in why and how I create.
The essence of light brings me joy.
Land light I have discovered exists all over the world. My artist garden on SSI echos memories of pear orchards in the south of France. Poplar tree backdrop brilliant gold this fall, my imagination is tickled as my borrowed vista of baaing lambs call me to feed them.
On a forest walk I come across a brilliant vista
Dancing colour of shapely trees while a lineup of conifers edge a thicket. Light punctuates a few sun dipped hardwoods and this very moment is sublime.
Ever fascinated with the language of expressing light
I am reminded of the name I choose for my publishing art business over twenty five years ago, SolEssence Publishing Inc. At this time I also incorporated my motto, words that clarified the essence of my belief for what I would bring forward through my art.
Illuminate     Resonate     Embrace
Decades later I still thrill in the meaning of these words for me. I am glad I thoughtfully honoured my artful expression.



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