Sharing our good feelings


     Carmen, has the best experiences in our gallery and it’s equally exciting for me to hear her stories. Working full time this summer as our Gallery Registrar, she is my presence for hundreds of interactions for my art, offering stories, assisting with purchases for clients from all over the world. She recently shared with me a sweet experience and as Carmen truly understands our real purpose is to live in joy, love and gratitude and that in sharing our good feelings will make our world even more luminous. -... Jill
a note from Carmen.....

Hi Jill, 

I would like to share a sweet client story with you today….

A lovely older lady client with little money came in today just when the last white framed 5x7 of Tree House had just sold. 

She said that she wanted to buy that little Tree House when she came in on Saturday because it had so much meaning to her and her daughter.  She told me that she was a single mother and wanted to give it as a gift to her daughter because they had eaten at the Tree House since she was 4 years old.

I found one 5x7 of Tree House on foam-core in the back.  The foam-core on that Tree House one wasn’t cut perfectly straight on all sides (we didn’t have anymore straight cut 5x7 foam-core and 5x7 white frames in the back), but it didn’t matter because Lauren’s handmade 5x7 wood frame.  I told her Lauren had created the frame, so it was very special and had a lot of love in it.  I told her that maybe she was meant to have the Tree House framed like this one.  She suddenly grabbed my hand and almost broke out in tears and thanked me.  Oh, my, goodness.  It was so touching….
I’m always moved by stories from clients who truly have little money and how we can make a difference in their lives by adding a little joy.

Carmen sums up her experience…

“Art is so important and magical.  It’s a physical expression of our feelings to each other and a visual language of the heart”.

It is the moments of these experiences, feeling heart connections we link our humanity. The visual stories I offer through my paintings, the embellished stories Carmen shares with clients about the painting scenes…then the most important, the stepping away to listen, hearing the stirrings each client gives to their favourite visual connection. I have shared my art in my gallery for over thirty years, a calling that makes my life complete. I feel with each passing year increasing deepening for my own love for this connection to our human community. I do love people! I love their expression, resilience, tenderness. I am in constant awe of so many character sweetnesses. There is so much love hanging in the breath of a conversation, a look…I am so often humbled in this presence. What love is expressed all about.

Busy and Fun Summer in the Gallery