Rock Salt Cafe displays artwork by Jill Louise Campbell

The Rocksalt Cafe is a funky restaurant loved by local and visitors alike. Located across from the Fulford ferry terminal, it serves Island comfort food, such as roasted yam quesadillas (my favorite) and quick coffee and take away if you are running for the ferry.  

Jill Louise Campbell's bright whimsical artwork fills the walls with colour, scenes of Fulford Village, Morning Side and Burgoyne Bay tell a story of island life. Artwork is for sale off the wall, and a great selection of art cards packages you can purchase with your coffee. 

The Rocksalt Cafe is in the heart of Fulford Village, across from the ferry terminal. 

Painting by artist Jill Louise Campbell : Morning Side 24"x36" Canvas for sale at the Rocksalt Cafe.

Art Card packages of all different collections are available for purchase at the Rocksalt Cafe.

Village of Fulford, view from the Gov Dock.

Here comes the Skeena Queen from Swarts Bay, Vancouver Island.