Gallery Show : Protection Spirit Collection

The protection spirit collection has a special energy about it, the paintings include subjects of spiritual women, great mystical beings that embrace a common protection energy, drumming, connecting with the creatures in the sea. blessing tulips, and lovely long vertical paintings of orbs of light in the dreamy forest.











Water Chi is a gallery favorite and often found on display, we love the playful nature and colours of rich purple, and blues. 

Protection Spirit : Jill Louise Campbell

Giving a Blessing Tulips in a warm blessing embrace. The colours of grey and warm red are enough to inspire a room.

Protection Spirit : Jill Louise Campbell

Heart Beat of the World has wonderful pattern work with colours dreaming from red, into purples and blue.



The Gallery on Salt Spring Valentines window.

 Artist Jill Louise Campbell has been creating a series of Driftwood Shaman Sticks and collection of rose paintings inspired as part of the Protection Spirit Collection. 

View the Artist Journal and learn more about the Driftwood Shaman Sticks.