French window display

We are embracing France at the Salt Spring Island Gallery, through artist Jill Louise Campbell’s current travels. The Gallery now displays a window inspired by France. Soft sage greens and earth tones, pair with the kelly green front trim.

The gallery window is a favorite helper job of mine, as the artists daughter I fall into this role when Jill is away painting. I enjoy being artistic and decorating to a theme, and what a fun theme traveling in France! 🇫🇷  

Bright kelly green exterior is paired with more green, soft olives and mossy green. The painting Olive Tree is lovely and sets the tone.

In the right side is an antique small chair, it’s upholstered in a moss green velvet. I imagine the lovely stone buildings in France are full of this furniture.

Set atop is one of the pair of originals, pop of teal with a lovely jaunty French stutter. The frames are lovely Roma, with a spot of gold.

 I keep leaving the white bunting up, I really like it. The white is nice a crisp, and they are made out of sailcloth! A laser sail to be exact. I made quite a few of these, and sold them at the Refuge Cove Gallery, in Desolation Sound. 


Tucked in the side of the window are a few succulent projects I have been working on, these have grown wonderfully and I thought it was time to bring them into the gallery.