Slowly Spring Returns..... time to celebrate

Gallery News
Our little Island Gallery on the harbour edge is welcoming visitors from further away. In anticipation of increasing visitors as people feel more comfortable to travel around the world we are thrilled to introduce exciting new paintings. Ganges and Salt Spring Island are sought after destinations for boaters, hikers, garden enthusiasts, nature lovers and of course our love for individuality. Art, music, dance, expression of the heart is evident everywhere. From a Saturday Market that features creative crafters, Farm producers and busking musicians to full-time art galleries, gift shops, the art of craft is felt as an effervescent high. It is a thrill for the first timer arriving by ferry, disembarking into 30 plus years ago as island paced life is heart warming filled with nostalgia for all things worthwhile, happy, good. Time to relax, sip savour the amb
iance and let Salt Spring Island gift you it’s nourishing qualities.
Since 1992 our gallery has welcomed visitors from around the world. This year we feel an extra excitement for seeing many old friends, clients that for years had made our island and our gallery their destination.