Dreaming of Ireland

Dreaming of Ireland through the artwork of Jill Louise Campbell.

Celtic Cottages are nestled into the hillside with a jewel toned sky above.

Inside the cottage is warm with history of friends and family gathered. Irish Cupboard is the heart of the home with family dishes on display.

Irish Farm is warmed in the sun, with clean washed farm buildings softened by the rolling verdant green hills and golden leaves. 

Celtic Crofts is a view further into the fields with colours golden and emerald green, soft reflections of purple deepen the dreamy land.

Celtic Forest is a little forest world of magical dreams, framed with fuchsias and purple thistle.

Celtic Forest is shown as a 11”x14” Canvas Art Print mounted on artist foam board and packaged in a clear bag. The gallery offers two frame options, shown below is our new Canadian wood frame with a cream white rubbed finish. 

This special painting is also featured on a shawl designed by the artist.  

Celtic Moon protects the magical world below. 


The artwork in the Irish Collection is offered as Limited Edition Canvas artwork in a range of sizes. Large Celtic Forest shawl scarf, small art prints of all artwork and art card sets.