Winter Dutch Art Auction savings increase to 60% off this Saturday

We are now half way through the Winter Dutch Art Auction at the gallery, with the saving increasing to 60% at noon this Saturday.

Lauren has been busy wrapping and carefully shipping artwork. Our shipping rates are very good and we ship artwork everywhere within Canada and the USA. We are pleased to announce that we are now able to ship the very large stretched canvas through FedEx to addresses in BC and Alberta!  Gallery pick up is always available on Salt Spring Island. 


The Winter Gallery Dutch Art Auction has been a great success with almost half the artwork sold so far. We still have a good selection of larger canvas Giclee available. With the savings increase this Saturday to 60% off, the larger sizes are an especially good value. 

Here are a few photos of the fabulous artwork that is still available. 

With the great savings on the canvas, you may wish to add original enhancements. Artist Jill Louise Campbell offers original enhancements to the Medium and Large size canvas Giclee. The original layer by the artist adds colour and texture, with the lovely gold lining sparkling.   

Link : Original Enhancement

Our Winter Gallery Dutch Art Auction is an annual event and the only time we offer artwork at a sale price.  This can be a wonderful opportunity for great savings on artwork to brighten any space. The artwork is colourful and whimsical, capturing special memories and dreaming of future travel. 

link to the collection

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