Fun to Have Gallery open again....join us

The Ganges Gallery is OPEN
Every Tuesday, Friday & Saturday 11-5
Welcome back for inspiring stories and uplifting art. For a personal visit in real time or our website we also offer skype virtual showings.
Seeing beauty in our world, feeling happy in our home.
We ship North America wide.
We can also arrange for a personal visit. email us


  • Suzanne, what a delight to talk with you this afternoon. No Coincidence I walked into the Gallery when you called! I love your story shared and feel our connection as we co-create a wondrous world. Thank You for being here!

  • Thank you Jill, Carmen and Duart. I have received Jill’s beautiful shawls in the mail both safely and quickly. Thank you Carmen for your warm and friendly voice as you helped me place my order over the telephone. Thank you Duart for all your technical expertise that makes Jill’s website and book so enjoyable. Are there any plans to make the new electronic book available in DVD or flashdrive? Thank you Jill for all the joy and beauty you bring through your art and your online journals and videos and open sharing of your thoughts. What a godsend to discover during these trying times. Thank you for keeping your “headlights” on. I joined you in meditation last evening at 8:00 pm and memories of over twenty years of Salt Spring visits flooded my mind and spirit as I lay beneath the Embracing Joy shawl listening to my favourite spa music. A new way to travel for now until we meet again. WIth you in Spirit wishing you all health, peace, beauty, joy, prosperity and love.

    P.S. Thank you for the France cards. More happy memories.


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