Winter Cruising in the PNW

I am drawn to the grey blue of the Pacific Northwest. Winter is a favorite time to explore, on clear days the colours are clear and crisp. 


The winter can also envelop us in grey and the water and land are cover in a blanket of fog, that slowly lifts through the trees and moistens the moss. 


It can be very beautiful when enveloped in the thick damp fog. This trip up to Desolation Sound in Jan last year we had a nice sail in about 8 knots of wind, past Mary Island and White Island, this stayed with us as the we carefully navigated our way into Pender Harbour for the night. 


Winter is often a great time for wind, it is cold but so very fresh. We have a full enclosure and it is lovely to sail inside with slippers on. On clear days like this you can see for miles, the snow capped mountains can bee seen from almost everywhere. Coast Mountains over the mainland, the mountains on Vancouver Island, and the large peeks of Mount Baker and Mount Reineer in Washington.



Every winter we take time for a couple week cruise in January/Febuary. This trip is usually hatched with friends in August while floating in the warm salt water of Desolation Sound.  We plan our trips to remote destinations that we are familiar with, seeing these places in the winter , We cruised this past January to Princess Louisa Inlet with a group of friends in an assortment of boats. From a power catamaran, to a wonderfulolid coastal motor sailor, a very muy ch racer cruiser and us, a tupperwear cruiser with bed heaters.




Winter Cruising