Warm up a rainy day with bread pudding

Rainy and windy PNW day, perfect to fill the boat with the warm sweet smell of bread pudding. And I just happened to have a left over blackberry cinnamon bun from Nancy’s Bakery in Lund. 💜 - not sure how that happened.

To make the bread pudding I cut the cinnamon bun into small pieces, added blended eggs and bit of milk and let it soak for 30min.

I pressed in a few fresh blueberries and baked in the oven for 20min. I have no idea the temp, it’s a boat oven.. topped with yogurt, maple syrup a few more blueberries and fresh basil.

Bread pudding is easily made with regular bread, especially great if it’s a bit stale. Add cinnamon and sugar, a few dollops of your favourite jam and fresh fruit if you have it.  The trick it to let the mixture sit for long enough for the bread to soak up the egg and milk.  

This makes a great breakfast treat or dessert.  And would be delicious with foraged berries such as Salmon berries in spring, huckle berries, salal berries and blackberries that can easily be found throughout the summer along the coast.