Paradise found at Mink Island

Sometimes you just time an anchorage perfectly when the weather is lovely, no other boats around and time to quietly soak it all in.

This is a pretty unusual year on the BC coast, with few Canadian boats out yet probably due to a cold spring, and none of our American friends visiting with the boarder closed. We have had a unique opportunity to enjoy anchorages that we would normally pass by for a quieter spot.

For the last few days we have found paradise at Mink Island, thanks to friends aboard S/v March Hare for encouraging us! This little bay has a lovely expansive view of mountains, and sheltered by a picturesque island and point of land. Helpful stern ties dot the island, installed by the islands residents for cruisers to use.

We enjoyed two different anchorage locations with one slightly outside the bay where the mega yachts usually anchor, this spot gave us the longest evening sun. And then we moved inside the bay with our stern towards the mountains, this was a bit better for swimming and protected from passing wake.

This lovely bay would normally fit many boats all organized on stern ties, we usually see mega yachts anchored just off, and inside the bay would work well for smaller boats that prefer less depth.

Mink Island is now on our favourites list, especially as an early or late season anchorage, because I now know what we usually see so many boats anchored in here.