Lobster mushroom vegan cream pasta comfort food

Transitioning to fall on the West Coast and I am craving warm cozy meals. Fall also brings mushrooms such as these lovely bright lobster mushrooms I foraged yesterday and was in luck with many lobsters currently fruiting..

Egg noodle pasta with lobster mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and vegan yeast cheese sauce.

This vegan cheese sauce is a favourite on board because all the ingredients are easily stored without refrigeration.

Vegan cheese sauce recipe:
Heat olive oil or coconut oil, sauté onion and garlic, stir in paprika, small amount of curry mix spices, salt and pepper, dried chillies. Add corn starch and whisk together. Stir in flaked nutritional yeast and slowly add coconut milk (any nut milk works, I quite like pea milk). Stir continuously and the sauce with thicken, add more milk and corn starch as needed, I also like to add a splash of soya sauce.

For the pasta dish last night I sautéd the mushrooms, garlic and added the cherry tomatoes at the end. Mixed it all together and it was amazing.

I also added a photo of a type of pasta I found recently that works really well on the boat, because you don’t need to cook it in boiling water!!! On the west coast we are always trying to reduce moisture.. the noodles are soaked in tap water for a few minutes and then added to the sauce, they are also gluten free and made with rice but are a spaghetti style noodle.

Here is another variation we make regularly, vegan cheese sauce, veg ground round, and kale with rice noodles. I think this time I also added a few pieces of left over roast squash.. Delicious, easy and healthy.