Hole in the Wall

We left Desolation Sound and headed north to the Octopus Islands, to get there we passed through a narrow channel called Hole in the Wall. These narrow places are also called rapids as the current squeezes through at times with such force it truly becomes a rapid.

For most boats these must be transited at the slack, or close to which can only last for a few minutes. We arrived to Hole in the Wall a bit early for the 7:35 slack and the current was still against us by a few knots, this we felt comfortable sneaking up the shore out of the main stream and made it through without issue.

Hole in the Wall is a fairly strait pass without any major rocks to navigate around, even though when the water squeezes through the narrow gap at a peek flood or ebb, it creates whirlpools and standing waves and will move at 10knots or more.

We have cruised through Hole in the Wall and the Octopus Islands before and this lovely place inspired a few Artaboard crafts.