Elworthy Island anchorage

Just outside of Desolation Sound Marine Park in Waddington Channel, across from the entrance to Pendrel Sound lies the lovely anchorage of Elworthy Island.

The anchorage is safely entered around the North side of Elworthy, and has room for many boats if stern tied to either shore.

This anchorage is a great place to meet friends and raft together, and the water is warm for swimming in summer.

Elworthy Island is a great place to collect oysters, they are plentiful and fresh with a large channel of water consistently circulating past.

The Island is also a safe place to stretch your legs, with a very well marked but rough trail about 0.6nm circle route.

The trail winds through a mix of second growth trees, salal and moss covered dead fall.

Entrance to the trail is behind the sign seen along the shore of the anchorage, or look for the pink tape marking entrances at the NE or NW point of land.

We enjoy anchoring just outside and stern tying to West Redonda Island, this provides a lovely view of the snow capped Mountains that flank Pendrel Sound.

Elworthy Island is also known as Cougar Island by many, and has been known as an un-official RVic outstation. A group of RVic members many years ago before Refuge Cove offered portable water, installed a fresh water hose for cruisers to use, all the way from a fresh lake up the hill. This hose is long gone now disrupted by logging, but the stories of their efforts still live on.