Colourful rice wraps aboard

Colourful vegetarian rice wraps are easy to make aboard with ingredients that last through extended cruises.

Today I made the rice wraps with Salt Spring smoked tofu, sprouts and micro greens grown aboard, graded carrot, beet and cabbage from Northend Farm on Salt Spring.

The dipping sauce is made with Salt Spring chilli oil, soya sauce and mayo.

Directions : Prepare your ingredients, fill a large bowl with quite warm water and dip the rice wrap paper until just soft. Lay the softened wrap fairly flat and fill with ingredients (don’t over stuff) remember the bottom layered ingredient will show on the top of the wrap. Fold the ends and roll, the rice wrap is surprisingly strong, it may take one or two trials to get the hang of it.

Other ingredients that I have enjoyed using include: Smoked tin tuna, cucumber, vermicelli rice noodles, peppers.. endless fun options. The sauce options are also endless, and I often make peanut sauce, or use store bought chilli chicken sauce.

I grow the sprouts and micro greens aboard, and if you are interested in learning more checkout my previous journals that show sprout details. 🌱🌱🌱