Brunch aboard paired with micro greens and sprouts

Micro greens aboard 🌱 Happy Sunday everyone. I want to share my micro green and sprout success aboard. I have been exploring ways to enjoy fresh greens aboard for longer. This has been especially timely as we look to limit contact outside our community, when we hopefully cruise further afield later this summer.

I have both sprouted in the dark, using the rinsing in water method. And now that the sun is warming things up, I have been growing micro greens.

My favourite meal aboard when cruising is brunch. Here are two weekend brunch dishes paired with sprouts and micro greens, grown on board.

Simple Sunday lazy potato hash. It is easy just cracking the eggs directly into the hash, and this time I crumbled left-over Guinness cheese. I usually save a small piece of cheese aside, when prepping a happy hour plate. Topped with lots of fresh cut micro greens, and wild blueberry habanero hot sauce.

Scandinavian breakfast (I made this name up, I am not Scandinavian I just imagine they would eat this). Lightly toasted rugbrod bread, soft boiled eggs on fermented cashew cream cheese (this can be another recipe post later. Yes, I made it on-board). Paired with tons of sprouts and micro greens and a sprinkle of the latest hipster salt.